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About Duke Burial Vaults

Mission Statement 

Duke Burial Vault’s mission is to provide families of lost love ones with a more aesthetically pleasing, stronger, lighter weight, eco-friendly burial vault by distributing and installing the Eonian and Endurance rotationally molded polyethylene burial vaults. Duke Burial Vaults is committed to insuring that the burial vault service of the funeral is done in a peaceful and respectful manner through a professional and well trained staff. 

Introduction of the Plastic Burial Vault

The concept of the concrete burial vault was originally conceived in the late 1800's and has been evolving ever since. With the addition of asphalt as a line, the concrete vault offered better, but not perfect, protection against the elements. By the 1960's the vault industry became focused on finding a stronger and more suitable application for lining the concrete burial vaults. This is where plastics entered the picture.

By lining a 2,700lb. (average weight) concrete vault with a piece of thermal plastic, greater protection from the ground elements became available. This method introduced a new standard to the industry.

With today's immense advanced in Rotational Molding and smarter engineering technology, a greater vault is now emerging. If one layer of plastic increased the strength of the vault, surely two layers would be better! This idea birthed the creation of a rotationally molded, double wall seamless burial vault. Infuse this vault with 14lb. of polyethylene structural foam and you now have an all-plastic burial vault designed for ultimate protection. Add the benefit of a vault that weights less than 140lb. and you can see the wide-open possibilities for the funeral industry.

With trumpet blasts, the new plastic burial vault is selling itself to funeral directors. For starters, the Eonian burial vault is nearly 2000% lighter, virtually unbreakable and gracefully designed. With the expenses involved in moving the 2,700lb. burial vault and concrete prices escalating to new highs, the timing of this product in the market could not be better.

This lightweight polyethylene burial vault with infused polyethylene structural foam will shift the industry from using an outdated overweight concrete burial vault to a more attractive and consistently lighter product.

Concrete Vaults are a thing of the past.

Eonian Warranty Information

Goria Corporation's unique Rotational molded plastic; double wall burial vaults with infused polyethylene structural foam are manufactured by Goria Corporation., Burial Vault Division, or its Licensees. Specific product standards have been established for the manufacture of this product. It is these high standards that allow us to warrant our line of burial vaults. If our burial vault should fail to resist the entrance of water or any element found in the soil in which it is interred we will replace the vault according to the warranty. However, the manufacturer makes no claim that its Burial Vaults will ordinarily remain protective for the entire warranty period. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

100 Year Warranty on Eonian Products

75 Year Warranty on Endurance Products

By keeping true to its mission of providing a professional service, Duke Burial Vaults’ staff members will be provided with the best training and newest equipment, vehicles and uniforms.