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Benefits to the Consumer and Funeral Homes

  • Offers a warmer look than traditional concrete burial vaults.

  • Air tight, water tight making it impervious to ground water.

  • 100 year manufacturer’s warranty

Duke Burial Vault Bobcat Stress Test

Benefits to the Cemeteries

  • Traditional concrete burial vaults require heavy duty equipment in addition to heavy duty trucks to transport to the gravesites. This equipment is often destructive to the cemetery grounds. Cemeteries are now left with the task and cost of repairing the grounds. Given the weather conditions in our area the cemetery landscapes are extremely vulnerable during late winter and early spring thaws because the ground is very soft. During this time enormous ruts are left from mechanical rolling machines and heavy trucks trying to bring the concrete burial vaults from the cemetery roads to the gravesite. The double wall polyethylene vaults weigh 175 pounds and can be hand carried to the gravesite. This eliminates any damage done because it eliminates the machinery involved in transportation.

  • Our burial vaults offer a static load on the center of 28,100 pounds. This allows plenty of protection from any ground collapse from cemetery machinery and vehicles. Our vaults far exceed the National Concrete Burial Vaults Association (NCBVA) standards for testing which only requires concrete burial vaults to withstand 5,000 pounds of static load on the center. 

Benefits to the Environment

  • Our burial vaults are an eco-friendly product. 

  • The plastic which is used to construct the outer and inner walls are made from recycled plastics. 

  • Polyethylene foam is used to infuse the two walls together.  Ethylene is a chemical extracted from natural gas which is destructive to the ozone layer if released into the atmosphere.  Ethylene is converted into a positive manner by becoming one of the components of polyethylene.

  • Our vaults weigh 175 pounds and can be transported by light duty vehicles.  This translates into less fuel consumption and less wear and tear on the roadways and highways than what is caused by heavy duty trucks required for transportation of concrete burial vaults.


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